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Dressed in yellow, she says hello

Rainer and I finally got the initiative to record an LP. You should be scared.

We've got a bit of it figured out, so the actual LP will come later. The LP in question is Dead Rising 2: Case Zero, as it would be a few episodes long, maybe a few hours max, and would help us work out the kinks and failures before trying something like Supersassin. Ironically. What I have shared with you is a three minute MP3 of some pre-LP banter. Close to the end, the actual game starts.
lol aeris dies

Like a gently tapping litany, and he holds his crayon rosary tighter in his hand

Currently in the airport. I just saw a tiny little bird fly out of the bar. This strikes me as weird on so many levels.

My flight has been delayed by about 40 minutes. I bring this up because the delay notice is in red, but also in English and French. This means that a cursory glance over the notice makes it look as if it says DELAYED, RETARD. (It actually says retardé but shut up I laughed so hard.)

Also this woman keeps calling out for American Eagle flights. I'm not sure whether I should point this out or not.

Could you go and run into me?

Wow, I haven't updated in about two months. This is the power of a monthly meme - motivates me to post every day.

So what's going on? In January, I got the notice that there was a hiring freeze at the hospital that affected short term contracts. Yeah, guess who's a short term contract. Steph convinced them to keep me on as volunteer work for an extra month, but for reasons unknown, they wouldn't keep me on. There's a hit to your self-esteem - your work is so bad that no work is better than free work. Only a few callbacks since then, but hopefully something will open up soon. Ruined my plans to get to Sakuracon, unfortunately. May be an even greater wrench in the plan in getting to Otakon. Come to think, should do the same I did last year, reserve the hotel and see if I can still make it.

Gaming has been pretty quiet since the whole "no paycheck" business. Finished up New Vegas, the endings in that game is ridiculously complicated. It's presented like a slideshow; there are twenty-nine different slides, and all but two vary depending on your actions. And by vary, I mean that all of them have a minimum of four different outcomes. Some have over ten, with one slide having fifteen variations. I love it when that happens.

Been writing an achievement guide for Alpha Protocol for TrueAchievements. Much as I don't like the principle of having a "true" achievement score, it's interesting to watch, the site itself is put together incredibly well, and the community is quite friendly, which surprised me from a video game site. Feels nice to give back to a community for a change. The guide itself is mostly written, a rough draft is written and I'm following the directions to see what else I can add to it or where I might be wrong.

Hoping to be done by this time next week, aka when Dynasty Warriors 7 comes out. I skipped DW6 on grounds of it sucking, and I've skipped over the Orochi series. Last time I played a Koei game was about four years ago; I'm getting that hack and slash urge again. As pretty as the game is, and the fact that there's what, sixteen new characters? I'm a bit disappointed that Pang De was cut from the game. I thought he was rather fun to play as in DW6.

But only Pang De. Zuo Ci can suck a fat one.

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STAND BACK. I'm going to try SCIENCE.

We're gonna celebrate one more time

Things haven't been too interesting on my end. My contract is running out and I need to find something somewhere else, but it looks like I'll have to move to the west coast to find anything. Victoria, Seattle, and Calgary are the three big candidates so far, but. I don't know, it just feels weird to think about moving to the west coast. I need to stop waffling and start sending out resumes, though. I've been playing too many games and ignoring this looming threat over my head.

So are you ready for some fucking music!? Yeah, I know you are. Don't try and hide it.

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Heh... no.

"I am leaving, I am leaving," but the fighter still remains

You know what's awesome? When a game plays itself for your benefit. Case in point: For two days only, Gears of War 2 had an all ticker Horde, which makes the Horde achievements easier. Now, keep in mind, I had two achievements for going 1-20, another for 1-30, 1-40, and 1-50 on specific maps. Then there were two others for doing 1-10 on each map of a DLC pack. Altogether, that's 240 waves of Horde. Even for two days, that's a little much. And that's why I found out that you can plug your controller in, put your character in a corner, and if you did it right, the enemies would blow up and give enough time to regenerate. Just check every 20-30 minutes to be sure you didn't die.

I'm down to the last 40 waves. I declare it to be a good exploit.

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He Who Is Without Sin

Lend me your ears and I'll sing you a song, and I'll try not to sing out of key

So, since I wasn't posting about it, my achievement goals for 2010 ended with mixed results! By this, I mean I achieved one (2000 total achievements) and failed the other (41,628 total score).

Why didn't I achieve it? Work is the obvious answer; a full-time job that supports the gaming habit isn't conducive to playing as constantly as I was when I was unemployed or going to school. The other was that, while I got close by hitting 41,210? I didn't even come close. The idea was 80% of my total possible points. 41,628 was gauged off of a grand total of 52,035. That number at the end of 2010 was 55,215. Which meant the score to beat was now 44,172. I decided around November that playing for achievements was nice, but secondary. I wanted to play Resonance of Fate, for instance, so I got that. I didn't want to wait on Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, so I went and popped it in. So maybe now I'll head for a new goal, but I'm not going to stop playing a game just because I didn't reach it yet.

I may do another music meme. I just finished up New Music of 2010, so now I think I'll do Top 10 of 2010. Namely, top 10 artists, top 10 albums, top 10 tracks. Figure out the entirety of the meme, write it down to prevent duplicates, then post one entry from each over ten days. Each entry, I'm thinking five songs, simply because seven seems overboard.

In fact, let's start that now.

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Conclusive Evidence

So I smoke a pint of tea a day

So the last new music post of the year is softer stuff! Not so much the guitar heavy alternative I've been linking, some more female vocalists and acoustics.

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