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So today, I saw a notebook off the side of the road. It was black and wedged inbetween two rocks. Basically, you just had to go a bit off the road and you'd see it, plain as day, sticking up and stuck there. My first thought: That is totally a fetch quest item.

Had to get a Nova Scotia driver's license for a while. You can exchange a US one for a Canadian one, but mine was expired and technically, I'd have to go take all the tests again. Except I ended up with this younger, cute looking girl and immediately started chatting her up in the meanwhile. The kind that start blushing after two or three compliments. She noticed about halfway through that my license expired two weeks ago... then conveniently overlooked it. Either way, she has my number, though I don't expect anything to come of it. Lesson learned: A little flirting goes a long way.

While waiting for the bus after that, it was overcast and very windy. My coat was opened. Father Of Death came on at that point. And the weather just timed up so well for it. There was a huge gust that involved my coat billowing behind me at "I will not be the father of death!" that I really wish I could've seen from a third person perspective. Later, while on the bus, we passed the police who had pulled over a bunch of people during The Hounds - "Tonight the streets are red, the lights are blue and blinding. No sign of the good doctor, but the siren's wail and whining tell us he'll be found!"

Bad weather makes for great potential moments. Hell, there was once a lightning storm bad enough in Florida that I was driving to Home Depot and the flashes synced up with the bass

Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts. Part of the reason it's underrated is that everyone was expecting another platformer. This is a vehicle-based game. A lot of the complaints I saw about the game really boiled down to the fact that it wasn't Banjo-Threeie, which really annoyed me. You can't judge whether Mario Kart is a good game because it's not Super Mario World.

Part of the reason I love the game so much is that for the most part, it had the Final Fantasy Tactics system of challenging you. If you wanted a challenge, you could do it yourself. If you just want to use the given vehicles or make some superpowered vehicle that gets through the missions, then that's all you're getting out of the game. If you want to make some ridiculously complicated mech and get trophies for it, I guarantee you will have a lot more fun with it. As The Beatles say, "And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make." You get as much out of this game that you put into it.

And since you're curious, yes, I did make a penismobile. It was, dare I say it, ricockulously effective at beating races. It also had a spring-loaded boot in the tip. And wings. My favorite, though, was originally a vehicle called A Tribute To Lance. Once we got the sticky ball, we made a vehicle that whose body was comprised of fuel and engines with propellors on the top and the sticky ball dangling from the bottom. (For those of you who think that was a tasteless joke, this is the same group of people, sans me, who remade the Challenger. This was tame.) And it eventually turned into "how can we beat this challenge using A Tribute To Lance?" And it would involve some creative thinking, but Lance always got the job done.

Then there was a second sticky ball and I remade it. Called it A Tribute To Me. Shining moment, and I actually have a video of this: Teabagging a boss to death. And I did it fast enough to get all the rewards. There's another in which you have to bulldoze an igloo, so I made a huge moving wall... with a horn. I cheated at a long jump competition by putting wings on the car and exploding it when it hit the ground for extra distance. It really is a game in which you're not just rewarded for creativity, but you reward yourself for it.

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