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Holy god Reach. So Firefight is a mode best for four people. In other words, it is designed around multiplayer. I went in with four people. Three of them were gone when the game started. It was me versus a multiplayer-designed army.

And I killed all the fuckers. "All the fuckers?" I hear you ask. Yes, all the fuckers. It was an intense 115 alien murdering session, but holy shit I didn't think I was going to kill them all by the end.

It has been a productive day! I think I'm going to need Halo icons soon. For now, simply assume that the icon in question is how I approached the game.

I almost had to think about this one. Really, I did. I wanted to pick a recent game for wonderfully atmospheric music. Then I realized one tiny little thing and it was victory by fucking landslide.

You want atmospheric? Shadow of the Colossus works its music like no other. Roaming around the land is suitably calming and beautiful, but what I think is far and away the best reason is the epic boss fights with suitably epic music.

I want you to imagine something. I want you to imagine that there is a gigantic dragon colossus. It is easily the largest. And while you try to figure out how to get it to fly lower, this is playing.

Then you get it! He's shot down! His wings are dragging into the desert. This is your chance. This is how you're going to get onto him. You ride your horse alongside his wings at full speed, waiting until the perfect moment to jump...

...you grab on for dear life and begin to scale up the side. That's when the colossus takes off again, bringing you airborne with him. You scamper up the wings and hold onto the body as he shakes back and forth, trying to remove you with barrel rolls. All the while, you've been taking your sword and plunging it into weak points, blood spraying as the creature howls in pain!

Finally, you succeed. The beast comes crashing into the ground, slamming into a jutting rock. You're thrown from the beast, but the majority of the impact was absorbed by the colossus itself. It is dead, and you are one step closer to your deal...

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