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I keep forgetting Thanksgiving is today, mainly because turkey dinner was yesterday. Not going to bother with a list of things I'm thankful for, because it'll be mostly petty crap.

Inherited a pretty sweet leather jacket today, as I was in need of winter coats and it was going to go to goodwill otherwise. Now all I need is a Big Boss style jacket (borrowed Dad's for the cosplay) and I will have every jacket I could need.

Got new Rock Band stuff earlier in the week, only to find out that the drums echo throughout the house. It's a pain because it's pretty much... no matter what time it is, you're bothering someone. It's mainly because the drum pedal hits against wood flooring. Will probably just find a towel to put under it.

I'm going to get the obvious part out of the way first. If you didn't already know, there is a gun with a chainsaw bayonet. This is probably the main reason most people get into the game. It was the first third-person shooter I had played, and it utilized the difference in camera, to my perspective, by placing a huge importance on cover. Running and gunning was a tactic that would get you killed, even on Normal. It also introduced the quick/perfect reload system for me, which I got the hang of pretty quickly. Finally, one thing I really liked was the sense of scale. There are enemies you just don't want to see until the odds are evened. Not just things like Berserkers and Corpsers, but those flying enemies that would land and start firing missiles at everything? I swore every time I ran into one on Insane.

Away from the violence, though, this is a game that really does character-driven over plot-driven. Every time I hear about the plot in Gears of War, I just kinda roll my eyes. I understand the idea of not explaining shit because the character already knows it and has no reason to ask dumb questions, however they don't explain it to the players at all in any way, unless you're reading the comics and books and whatever else is there. Even finding the collectibles doesn't really help aside from flavor text.

The characters, though. You have Marcus Fenix, the gruff "let's get this shit done and get out" no-nonsense leader. Dominic Santiago, the stabilizing element who jokes around a bit and is buddy-buddy with Marcus. Augustus Cole, aka the Cole Train (probably NSFW), ex-thrashball star who gets to be the hyperactive awesome type. Damon Baird is the resident asshole and tech who probably spends equal amounts of time shooting Locust and bitching. Even though the interactions are mainly Marcus and Dom, Cole and Baird, occasionally you see them switch over. All four of them have a great dynamic, even when you throw in more characters, like the Carmines, Kim, and Tai.

Also, it is impossible for me to mention Gears of War 2 without linking this.

This is from Bioshock, featuring ideally_awesome and veredly_inferno.

Or a Big Daddy and a Little Sister. Either or. Bioshock is a pretty Ayn Rand-inspired steampunk-ish game set in the underwater city of Rapture, which is slowly starting to deteriorate. Scientists in Rapture discovered ADAM, a chemical that pretty much breaks the laws of science, allowing nearly unlimited freedom to do what you will. Splicers, the main enemies in the game, use ADAM to change their genetic makeup to make them more superhuman at a price - it's an addiction. If you can't keep making those changes, you start turning into something hideous. Still, it's all the rage. In order to conserve ADAM in later years, Little Sisters would find dead splicers angels and extract the ADAM from their bodies.

Naturally, this made Little Sisters a target for splicers who needed more ADAM. Enter their protectors, the Big Daddies. Big Daddies are not aggressive by nature. Attack them or come too close to the Little Sister, on the other hand, and you'll be on the business end of that drill.

The only complaint I had about the Big Daddies was that while they certainly started as fearsome enemies that you really had to choose whether or not you were ready to take one on. As the game goes on, the fights become even shorter, and once you realize that the Vita-Chambers activate at no cost, it takes any element of nerves out of the fight. You can just keep running up to one and smashing it in the head with a wrench; no matter how often you die, you can come back, no cost, do it again.

Turning off the Vita-Chambers, however, re-introduces some of that fear. Hard with no Vita-Chambers and you know you need to be ready.

Bioshock 2 introduces the nice twist that this time, you are a Big Daddy. A wrench? Oh no, you get a drill, including a drill dash move. Never did use it myself, I should change that. This added a new element to the Big Daddy fights; by killing a Big Daddy, you could go around with the Little Sister and initiate Gathering sessions. You set her down and you have to protect her from waves of splicers. If this sounds like an escort mission, it sort of is; you have a time that says in, say, thirty seconds, the Little Sister will be done. If a splicer gets to her, the timer pauses and doesn't start again until he's dead. She can't die, that's it. I thought it was fun to just set traps up everywhere and let them all run into that.

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