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I've always been told that having large headphones (which these days means "non-earbuds"), especially in a public place, conveyed a message of DO NOT DISTURB. As in the sort of "Do not even look at me for more than two seconds because I am not in the mood for this shit" do not disturb. I disagree! I am of the opinion that having visible headphones indicates that I am listening to music and may not be paying attention to something else, doubly so if that something else is someone talking. This is another reason I don't like earbuds; it's difficult to tell sometimes whether someone has them on. Then it just devolves into varying degrees of rudeness - one of my pet peeves is when I am talking to someone wearing earbuds and they don't pull them out to talk. I have walked away from many conversations because people have not done as much. (I don't care if you turned it down. I can't tell.)

Aside from my general disdain of earbuds, it's something I'm noticing, taking the bus home every day. Assuming no standing people, you have thirty-eight people on the bus. I can never tell a perfect number of how many people are listening to music, but you've got MP3 players, reading the paper, reading a book, texting, surfing on iPhones, whatever. My point is, all this and there's just... no human interaction. Social creatures, and the only reason people talk to each other on the bus is if they got on with friends.

Naturally, as the person with the largest headphones, I am hardly blameless in this. But I think the main issue is a catch-22. We don't expect any social interaction, so we bring our music players et al... but the reason there's no social interaction is because we bring our music players and such. It's gotten to the point, I feel, that if a stranger attempts a conversation, the initial reaction is "ew get away from me."

I don't know what my point was. It just emphasizes the sense of individuality or loneliness of seeing a bunch of people in one place, confined in their own personal bubble.

In other, less ranty news, my capture card has been shipped up to me, should have it by this time next week. Expect Halo clips and, since I mentioned it earlier, teabagging a boss into submission in Nuts and Bolts.

This is my character, Noble Six, in Halo: Reach. What I like is the insistence, of sorts, that you, the player, are Noble Six. In Halo 3, the campaign mode was Master Chief, and then you created your own multiplayer Spartan. Noble Six is in both; any changes you make in multiplayer carry over to the campaign and its cutscenes.

Randomly, the post title pretty much describes Noble Six. S/he is a murder beast of doom.

This is a set of screenshots of me getting If They Came To Hear Me Beg..., which is to fall from a distance that would kill you... and break your fall by assassinating an Elite.

As mentioned earlier, clips of the game seem to be better at really showcasing it, so I'll probably be doing that later on. The clip of the assassination will be posted, as well as my other favorite achievement unlock, in which I obtain a killing spree by destroying a vehicle playing chicken.

This isn't Reach, I just like posting the picture of the corkscrew shot. First point: We aren't ramping off to the right, we're actually in the middle of corkscrewing/barrel rolling towards the wall in the background. Second point: the rocket I fired connects with the red team right before they reach the destination. Third point: This is about three seconds before we land on our wheels and get catapulted into the destination and win the game. Final point: I did not take this picture. The driver did. The fact that I did not take the picture of my own epic moment somehow makes it better.

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