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I've been worldbuilding a memory loss game recently. I should probably post some sort of pitch over the weekend if I can find it in myself to actually write down everything. I've got a basic idea and a short term plan, but making sure it's all down in one place rather than just trying to piece everything together from my mind on a whim is pretty important.

It feels weird to just abandon the green card process at this point, but the alternative was flying back, when I have a well-paying job here, and not knowing when I could come back. Also cancelling my ticket back home and re-establishing permanent residency. I feel like such an adult. I feel like even after all this, it'll be... well, that was fun, time to go back home. I know I won't/can't go home at this point, but... I don't know. It's strange, I've wanted to live on my own for so long that now that it's within grasp, it doesn't feel real, or my mind doesn't actually want to, or I don't know.

I don't know a lot of things, really.

Now, I love villains who, with a slightly different perspective, could be seen as heroes. The Boss is a prime example, if you watched the MGS3 ending I posted earlier. I loved Yeager because past his villainy, you see him doing such reprehensible acts as donating to orphanages. But in my mind, Wilhelm is the perfect example.

He remains suspicious and enigmatic for the entire game. Most people, ironically, pegged chaos as villain material over Wilhelm, and those that pegged Wilhelm were surprised when he actually came to the party's aid. Wilhelm orchestrates every event of the series, his hand somewhere in everything. I remember reading the in-game encyclopedia and reading that one of the main competitors of his ccompany, Vector, was Hyams, led by Heinlein, who was a cardinal of Ormus, one of the villain groups. And it was near the end of the third game when they revealed that Wilhelm was Heinlein that you get a glimpse into how much he has planned everything.

What made him a great villain? As I saw one day on TVTropes, loathe as I am to resort to defining things in tropes, he also embodies Orange and Blue Morality, which is when he can't be judged in terms of regular concepts of black and white morality; he's simply operating on another spectrum entirely. The party is trying to stop him because he orchestrates everything and causes all these horrors to further his own agenda. The thing is, his agenda is saving the universe. His literal entire purpose in life is to protect the physical universe as we know it. He then pushes the rewind button on the universe because that's all he can do at the end of it all.

At the same time, he's hardly angry when the party does successfully rebel against this godlike figure. Surprised for a moment, but my theory is that he was just surprised it happened so soon. He put his chains on the world and directed it because he felt they weren't ready. Part of his end goal was that humanity would eventually throw off his chains, break free of his control and live on their own.

So we have a godlike figure who orchestrates the major events of history in the name of saving the universe, which earns weight given the fact that it's actually working. He controls the direction of humanity with the hope that they will one day transcend his influence. But best of all, the game never directly tells you his motivations or even his true identity, including the in-game encyclopedia. Only chaos can do so, and he refuses. Everything I've mentioned that justifies him as more of a divine protector than a villain was all canon, but implied over the course of three games.

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