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Canadian Ninja, Ph.D

Now with degrees in doctorology and doctoronomy!

Dr. Canadian Ninja
beautifully eating breakfast, being unphased by penises, bieksa smash!, birth control pez dispensers, bonethief autopsies, breast magnets, bullet sponges, complicated thingies, darling grave robbers, establishing some damned order, failing with style, gerald the snowserpent, hentai supplements, hydro stooooooooorm!, i am tentacle porn incarnate, i am the cutest aboard, inversely proportional strength, irontrap for a brain, moose? what moose?, ninjadodging cameras, penis instead of pens, reichstag party van, smutsonian institution, sun quan's funny hat, temporary decapitation, twenty-three ninjas in one man, vowels are for pussies, wallmeat